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Wednesday July 16th, 2008
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steps to integration
We have acquired another piece of the American Dream - our big charcoal grill was delivered yesterday :-)

The pricing was such that we thought we might as well get the larger size, but now we have it it seems very big. Hmm. I guess we can put charcoal on just part of it if we are only cooking for ourselves.

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<02:21 am on Thursday July 17th, 2008
Speaking as someone who grills >250 nights a year, I'd say you won't ever regret having too large a grill, but may well have regretted a smaller one.

As you say, you can just light coals under a part of it - actually that's the perfect way to use it, as you then have the option of using direct heat to sear things like steaks, or indirect heat to cook larger things like whole chickens.

I'd also suggest this book:
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<12:57 am on Friday July 18th, 2008
That sounds reassuring. I'm going to try it out at the weekend and see how I get on.
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