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Monday March 3rd, 2008
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On Saturday we made a trip over to the British Delights store which lines had pointed out. We came away with:

It was also interesting getting to see some different places - we went by Concord and some other small towns.

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<06:28 pm on Monday March 3rd, 2008
No Jaffa Cakes?

The Pommie shop in Wellington used to cater to the same niche market. $8.95 for a packet of Jaffa Cakes! That's about $7.25 at current exchange rates. Though of course you probably have some handy tool for calculating exchange rates anyway...
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<01:38 am on Tuesday March 4th, 2008
I like Jaffa Cakes when they are there, but I didn't feel a particularly strong urge to get some, unlike some other things.
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<08:03 pm on Friday March 7th, 2008
frazzled_frosty has been talking about a cross between Tunnock's teacakes and those strawberry-marshmallow, jam and biscuit things. They're called Whippets :)
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