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Monday March 3rd, 2008
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We viewed a few more open houses over the weekend.

House 1 (Saturday, Arlington)
This house was in a reasonably good location, a walk down the hill to Mass. Ave. It had a very big garden for the area, which theora is keen on so we can grow veg. It had a nice big kitchen/diner. The layout of the house was split levels which was interesting, and seemed to fit in more space than it looked from the outside. At the bottom was the basement, which was clean and bright for a basement, and fitted out with workbenches. Next up was the living room which was longish and felt like two spaces next to each other, and also a utility room with a toilet in, which could possibly be tidied up into a nicer downstairs bathroom. Then the kitchen and a front room which I've forgotten what it was like. Then the bathroom and two mid-sized bedrooms, and finally nestling in the roof space the master bedroom.

House 2 (Sunday, Arlington)
This house was overlooking a playground by a lake, and we wondered about how much noise there would be in the summer. Downstairs had a big living room, dining room, kitchen, pantry and back porch. The kitchen was quite awkward, having doors and windows on all sides so not having much counter or cupboard space. We imagined knocking it through into the pantry/back porch to make it usable. Upstairs were three mid-sized bedrooms and bathroom. It was owned by somebody who had been there for many years, and could do with redecorating. We wondered if it would be possible to finish part of the basement, since it had some windows due to the slope of the ground. This house had a small garden

House 3 (Sunday, Arlington)
This was another 'Tardis' house. I liked the open-plan kitchen/dining area and living spaces on the ground floor. The main bathroom and master bedroom were also on the ground floor. Upstairs were two bedrooms and second bathroom, squeezed in under the roof space. The garden of this house was a bit awkward as it was on a slope and included some rocky outcrops.

House 4 (Sunday, Newton)
This house is just round the corner from where we live now, so would be convenient for my new job. It dates back to 1820 and had quite an unusual layout - it was an L-shape on the ground, and had two staircases to two upstairs bedrooms and a bathroom. Downstairs were two living rooms, a kitchen/dining room which was not huge but was well laid out, a room being used as an office but labelled as a bedroom on the plan, and a utility room.

While we liked the house, the houses it backs on to are neighbours who Theora has already had disagreements with, so we probably wouldn't want to move there.

House 5 (Sunday, Millis)
This was a bit different location, being out in a more rural town to the west. It was secluded in 4 acres of woodland, so would give Theora the quietness she desires. It would make for about 30-40 minutes driving for me to get to work, and probably awkward to the point of not going to work for Theora, and we might need a second car. This is a very different lifestyle than I'm used to, but similar to where Theora grew up.

The house itself was nice. It had a deck running round two sides, with part of it screened to keep insects out. The kitchen was small but well laid out, with what the agent called a 'breakfast nook' beside it, and a utility room on the other side. Then there was a more formal dining room, and a living room which I liked because it was open right up to the roof. Upstairs were four reasonable sized bedrooms and two bathrooms. Part of the basement was finished and in use as an office, but there was no natural light and it felt a bit 'close' to me.

We also worked out a rough budget at the weekend so we can see what we can afford. (We should have done that before looking at a bunch of houses really). We should probably talk to a mortgage broker soon - do you have any recommendations?

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