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Tuesday March 4th, 2008
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strida owners
I'm thinking about getting a Strida. I know at least someone on my list is a Strida owner - so what do you think of it? How does it cope with potholes? Do you use it regularly?


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<12:34 pm on Tuesday March 4th, 2008
It copes well with small potholes; now worse or better than a bicycle with the same-sized wheels.

I like the Strida and I wish I could get out more on it.
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<04:01 pm on Tuesday March 4th, 2008
Why that as opposed to a normal bike?
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<04:17 pm on Tuesday March 4th, 2008
It is easier to store and to do journeys where part of the trip is on a bus or train. It also doesn't have any exposed cables or greasy parts so reducing the chance of getting dirty while commuting.

But yes I am also trying to consider whether I'd be better off with a normal bike. I can probably pick up a used normal bike for in the region of $150 whereas a Strida is going to be $500.

About a third of bus routes in Boston now have bike racks on the front, but not the one I would be using if we move where we're thinking.
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<06:25 pm on Tuesday March 4th, 2008
I use mine once a week; I use it for part of my journey to and from teaching, and in getting from one student to the next. A typical Sunday sees me ride 16km.

I like it very much. I generally find the speed humps more problematic than the potholes, because I can steer around most potholes in London but speed humps often take up the whole road.

If you have lots of hills to cope with, you probably want a more conventional folding bicycle that has actual gears.
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