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Tuesday November 10th, 2009
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I seem to have become a regular library user again for the first time since I was in my teens. I joined the local library a few months ago and have been several times.

Looking back, I went through a 'single young professional' phase where I just bought any books I wanted to read, and it seems kind of silly in retrospect. When I moved over here I got rid of maybe half of the books I had, mostly by giving them away.

I can't say my taste in reading has improved though :-) I've been working my way through some Cherryh, Heinlein, Bernard Cornwell's Saxon stories* and Simon Scarrow.

*Anyone else noticed he seems to be repeating his Arthur series at times? Though Uhtred is somewhat less likeable than Derfel.
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<04:52 pm on Tuesday November 10th, 2009
He'll probably tell you it's all merely a cunning ploy to sell more books ;P Besides, if the formula worked the first time, why not re-use it with a whole new historical period?!
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