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tension at Pandemonium

(Disclosure: I should point out, firstly: I am a member of the 'Arvard 'Ardboyz i.e. one of the Warhammer players, secondly: I was not there this week - I don't get to play games very often because of babycare duties)

There's been a bit of tension at Pandemonium between the Magic players and the Warhammer players. Apparently this week there was an incident on Thursday. Let's look at the weekly events calendar... so that's Warhammer on Thursdays, and Magic on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

The official report of the incident is here. But to summarise, a Magic player was upset by being asked to move his game, on the one night of the week which isn't a Magic gaming night, and therefore the Ardboyz get a table taken away and assigned to him. Does this seem like rather an over-reaction?

I have no idea what the economics of running a game store are like, but right now it feels like Tyler is prepared to throw away whatever revenue he gets from Warhammer stuff, in favour of keeping the Magic players happy. I have stuck to buying my games stuff (at least the ones they stock) from Pandemonium for the last couple of years but if I no longer feel welcome then I can more easily and cheaply buy it online.

The main thing Pandemonium has going for it is that we have gaming tables and terrain there and a time which is reasonably convenient to go and play. (The other club I would like to go to meets on Sunday afternoons, which is more intrusive in my 'family time').

Lets hope we can figure out something a bit more reasonable than the latest 'changes to the arrangement'.

Edit - made this public.
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