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Monday February 27th, 2012
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Cars cars cars
So we've pretty much decided we need a second car. These are my notes.

- new baby + toddler going to preschool will make schedule more complicated
- threats of cutting our nearest bus service
- (maybe) want to accommodate visitors as well as 2 children and sometimes cats

- Prius - happy with it

preferred features
- good gas mileage
- normal car size
- hatchback or wagon format

regular use
- E commute to work (maybe +1 passenger)
- C drop off child(ren)
- local errands + shops (1 - all)
- visit local attractions (2 - all)
- all go to Maine (+ cats)

irregular use
(consider rental when needed instead)
- pick up bulky items
- visitors with no car (i.e. my parents) or prefer to go in one car
- longer road trips

shortlist + comments
- Toyota Prius (or plug-in?)
We like our current one, and we're not going to find something with better mileage. For more people/space, we'd need to take two cars.

Definitely a tight squeeze for trips to Maine (2 adults, 2 cats, 2 children + stuff).

- Toyota Prius V
We like our current Prius - assume this is similar but adds a bit of space. Actually has the same engine/drivetrain in a slightly larger vehicle so might seem more underpowered.

- Mazda 5
Flexible seating could help with visitors, while still 'car' sized. Some restrictions on child seat placement though.

Heard concerns re: handling in snow.

- Honda Odyssey
If we really need space for more people. However, much larger vehicle than we really want to drive, along with more expensive and worse mileage.

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<10:06 pm on Monday February 27th, 2012
It's kind of hard to make suggestions because the car market over there is completely different to over here. Just looking on the toyota US website, it looks like they don't sell a diesel car.

Maybe something like a Jetta sportwagen TDi or equiv.
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<12:16 pm on Tuesday February 28th, 2012
Yes, diesels never caught on here. VW is basically the only company pushing them.
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