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Cars cars cars

So we've pretty much decided we need a second car. These are my notes.

- new baby + toddler going to preschool will make schedule more complicated
- threats of cutting our nearest bus service
- (maybe) want to accommodate visitors as well as 2 children and sometimes cats

- Prius - happy with it

preferred features
- good gas mileage
- normal car size
- hatchback or wagon format

regular use
- E commute to work (maybe +1 passenger)
- C drop off child(ren)
- local errands + shops (1 - all)
- visit local attractions (2 - all)
- all go to Maine (+ cats)

irregular use
(consider rental when needed instead)
- pick up bulky items
- visitors with no car (i.e. my parents) or prefer to go in one car
- longer road trips

shortlist + comments
- Toyota Prius (or plug-in?)
We like our current one, and we're not going to find something with better mileage. For more people/space, we'd need to take two cars.

Definitely a tight squeeze for trips to Maine (2 adults, 2 cats, 2 children + stuff).

- Toyota Prius V
We like our current Prius - assume this is similar but adds a bit of space. Actually has the same engine/drivetrain in a slightly larger vehicle so might seem more underpowered.

- Mazda 5
Flexible seating could help with visitors, while still 'car' sized. Some restrictions on child seat placement though.

Heard concerns re: handling in snow.

- Honda Odyssey
If we really need space for more people. However, much larger vehicle than we really want to drive, along with more expensive and worse mileage.

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